2018 – The Year I Turn 30

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about this year and reflecting on the years that have passed. I’ve mostly been thinking about the year itself and the things I want to accomplish, as well as the things in motion that will set the stage for the years to come.

When looking back, I realized that in the past years I’ve pretty much been all talk and very little action. Yes, many of the things that I have done have shaped me to be and think the way I do today, but I’ve mostly been comfortable with the way things were going.

There was nothing wrong with being comfortable with the way life was going, but there was a moment when something in me just lit and I decided I was ready to be more. I am scared each and every day of the unknown, but change is what keeps me motivated.

I’m not sure if it was my subconscious telling me –  “girl, you are turning 30 soon, don’t just sit there



OR if it was the Leo in me, but it got me going ⏩⏩⏩



I may not be where I want to be when I turn 30 this year, but I’m on my way.

The lessons I’ve learned in my twenties will help me get where I need to be.

⭐⭐⭐Important Lessons Learned ⭐⭐⭐

  1. Strive to be a better version of yourself
  2. Look in the mirror – that’s your competition
  3. Life is not a spectator sport. As Meredith Grey says; “win, lose or draw, the game is in progress”. Never stop playing.
  4. Understand your definition of success. Understand what you want to achieve and why.
  5. Build resilience
  6. The road less traveled is a lonely one
  7. Not everyone is going to understand you
  8. Family is everything
  9. Patience is a virtue that I have yet to accomplish 🙊
  10. Sometimes all you need is a glass of wine 
  11. Money can buy you a lot of things but it can’t buy you class
  12. Don’t let other dictate your life

Thank you twenties for preparing me for what is yet to come. And thank you life for giving me all those lemons so I can buy tequila 😅

Turning 30

…one of those things that everyone has an opinion about…

Some hate it and see it as the end of the world; others love it and look forward to it.

I hate it for all obvious reasons like white hairs and wrinkles, but I no longer think turning 30 would be like having one foot in the grave 😇

I see my 30s as a time where I build more meaningful connections and don’t put up with people’s crap, or invest time in people that are disrespectful. I look forward to all changes that are to come, and aligning myself with others who are working on becoming the best versions of themselves.

Call me crazy, but I have never felt this excited and ready.

I know what I want and I’m going to get it!