5 Blog Rules To Live By

Ever wonder what it takes to be a successful blogger? 🤔 💭

I do. Each and every day. I often read articles, blog posts, join groups, follow blogging accounts, and link my blog to social media with the hopes of one day becoming a successful blogger. It won’t be an overnight success; I  might not even make a profit out of it, but I am willing to to put my heart and soul into it anyways.

Scroll down for few things I found to be useful and plan to implement. Hope you find them useful as well. Happy scrolling ⬇

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| Rule #1 – BE CONSISTENT |

I am just now starting to follow this advice and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. I’ve heard it time and time again on numerous webinars, read it in books and articles, and seen it on Instagram and blog posts. The only way to build a trusting audience is to be consistent with posts. My plan is to post Wednesdays and Fridays. This is where rule #2 comes in handy – big time.

| Rule #2 – PLAN AHEAD |

Invest in a planner and plan your posts weeks in advance. I’ve also read it’s helpful to keep a spreadsheet with all of your published posts so there aren’t any repeats. Planning ahead will allow you to prepare and think of blog posts you might want to publish in the future. It will also give you more time to think, write, and edit before publishing.


Take note of your progress instead of comparing yourself to other bloggers or Instagrammers’ success. As Ell Duclos says; “Start looking at your progress and start celebrating wins!” I, personally, am frustrated with Instagram. I go to bed with x amount of followers and wake up to the same amount even though I had gained 6 overnight. Or even worse, I would wake up with 6 follow requests but have less followers than the day before. I still get frustrated, but not as much as I used to because I’ve learned to look at the bigger picture. I concentrate on the progress I’ve made thus far and stay focused on my own path rather than someone else’s.

| Rule #4 – SOCIAL MEDIA | 

Link your blog to your social Media accounts. Doing so, you can 1) increase traffic 2) promote your blog via posts and stories and 3) get recognized by brands.


Join blog groups via Facebook as well as blog subscriptions in your niche. Before I took this advice, I spent a lot of time reading blogging articles and posts which eventually led me to blog groups. I am currently a part of two groups on Facebook and pending approval for two others which I found through Ell Duclos, founder of Boss Girl Bloggers. She is amazing. If you don’t already follow her on Instagram and Pinterest, you should do so right now.

Below are two Facebook groups I decided to join to connect and collaborate, and receive support and encouragement. I find them extremely useful and beneficial.

They are both closed groups so make sure to answer the admin questions in order to be granted access.

Social Media accounts I’ve linked with my blog:

To be honest, when I was creating my blog I never really considered linking my blog to Pinterest. I stopped using Pinterest years ago so I never really saw it as a way of promoting my blog. Well, little did I know, you can actually pin blog posts to Pinterest, automatically schedule pins through Tailwind, and join group boards where you get to collaborate with other bloggers. I know – AWESOME!

What are some blogging techniques that you find useful? More advice will be much appreciated.

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