1. A short-term detachment from the immediate surroundings, during which contact with reality is blurred and substituted by a visionary fantasy of pleasant thoughts, hopes, and ambitions.
     synonym: wishful thinking 🌟

We are all guilty of daydreaming every now and then. We all want something more than what we already have. We all want most of our daydreams to become a reality. I know I do.

If I had to rank my daydreams, traveling abroad would be my number one. But let’s be real, traveling abroad is expensive. And when there is too much month at the end of my money, traveling local ranks as number two. And let me tell you – it’s just as rewarding as number one. So whether it’s by car, bus, train, or airplane – LOVE TO TRAVEL.

And when I am not traveling, I spend my time with family and friends. I also spend time working on myself and improving my life.

I wish I can say I am where I need to be at this point in my life but, unfortunately, I am not, and I don’t think I ever will be. Why you ask? Because, I aways want more. Goals-wise, I am always hungry for more.

So, with that in mind I quit my job. I quit because I am tired of working for people that don’t appreciate you and take you for granted. I quit because I am ready to start my own business and be a boss that values her employees.

Ready, set, daydream 😉✌