Historic Route 66 – From Chicago to LA

As you already know, I LOVE TO TRAVEL. I like to take road trips whenever I get a chance. Thankfully, my husband likes to wander as well and is always up for my crazy travel ideas. IF… there is a plan in motion 😝

My travel buddy is the type of person that likes to have a travel plan, where I am a person that likes to both wing it and plan. So before even pitching the idea to him, I made a solid plan. A plan that involved miles from Chicago to LA, hours from one destination to the next, where we would sleep, the possible detours we would take, and the amount of time we would spend in Arizona and California.

Oh and did I mention that I had to plan for the dog as well 😅 Yup, the mini Shiba will be coming along so I have to look for pet friendly hotels as well.

Since route 66 no longer exists on modern maps, I first looked up the states in geographical order driving from East to West and their main sites of attraction.

⭐New Mexico


I have also asked a few friends for opinions and suggestions on the trip and a friend of mine had a great suggestion. Since I will be visiting her in California, she brought up a good point – rent a car in Chicago, drop it off in LA and fly back to Chicago. It’s a great suggestion, but an expensive one.  The other issue with that would be my dog.

As you can see, the plan is in motion but yet to be complete. I would love some advice and suggestions below ⬇⬇⬇





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  • theplatinumlifeSRQ

    My only suggestion would be could you possibly find someone to watch the dog? We tried to take our dog on our last vacation, and it’s so nice to have them with you, but it really made it hard to relax with being concerned about finding dog friendly everything. Otherwise it sounds like it will be a great trip! Enjoy!