How-To Grow Your Instagram Following – Organically

I am beyond proud of myself – 150 followers in 2 days. I know many of you are struggling when it comes to Instagram followers so I wanted to share how I was able to gain more than 150 followers in 2 days.

Growing your Instagram following organically is time consuming and extremely frustrating. Because it’s so frustrating, many Instagram users are turning to third-party apps that promise to grow engagement automatically. I can tell you this – don’t waste your time doing so.

When I created my Instagram page, I did exactly that. Worst decision of my life. I spent half the day switching from one app to another to only realize what a waste of time it actually is. These third-party apps want you to spend money to gain followers, or install other apps to receive free tokens with which you can buy followers. But these “so called” followers are not actual followers, most are Instagram bots.

And if you eventually want to work and collaborate with brands, bots will only do more harm than good. Because in order to work with brands, you need organic followers and engagement. Thankfully, I spent no money in gaining my followers. I deleted the apps the moment I saw the dollar signs.

I don’t have thousands of followers yet, but I am on my way. The past two weeks, I decided to do things differently and my Instagram engagement and following has been through the roof. I’ve gained more than 150 followers in 2 days.


  • Understand Instagram’s Algorithm
  • Take worthy pictures and take time with your picture descriptions
  • Hashtags
  • Join FB groups


The new Instagram Algorithm has been a game changer for all Instagram users. I hated it … until I learned more about it. The new Instagram algorithm rewards users that interact with their followers.

This means …

Treat your comments as conversations.

Find the best time to post pictures. Meaning, pay attention to when your followers are online in order to give yourself the best chance of racking up those likes. Because not only does the algorithm factor in your engagement, but also how fast audience engage with your content.


Please, please, please don’t just think because you’ve taken a good picture you can just upload it as is.

Think of your picture as your brand, your trademark.

In order to make a good impression, you need to spend some time making it appealing. I personally use Lightroom to edit my pictures, but I’ve seen some great pictures out there that were edited with Instagram only.

And when I say edit with Instagram, I don’t mean slap a filter on it and post it.

Big NO-NO!

Spend time playing around with the basics (highlights, shadows, contrast, and exposure). You might not even need a filter after you’ve played around with the basic components.

In addition to making your pictures eye-catchy and worthy of clicking, make sure to write a good description. Whether it’s a story, fun fact, or an inspirational quote – write something.

I recently watched a video on advertising strategies for small businesses which showed a breakdown of the most shared content, and what viewers are most likely to click on. Top ranked was inspiring. People like to have that AWE moment, and be inspired and motivated. Write your description doing exactly that.


This is where it gets interesting, because that is what I believe changed the game for me.

Do you recall a recent Instagram update where you can add actual hashtags to your page bio, as well as follow hashtags? I didn’t pay much attention to it until 2 weeks ago.

I started following hashtags that are relevant to my content and are of interest to me. Of course the hashtags I followed are hashtags that I use for my posts.

Not only did I include those hashtags in my pictures, but I also engaged with those hashtags which in return ranked my pictures higher on those feeds.

About 2 days ago, I was editing my page bio and noticed that I had 2 words that I often hashtag on my posts. So, of course,  I made those 2 words into hashtags. And, oh, what a game changer that was.

If you aren’t already, follow hashtags that are in your niche and add a few hashtags to your bio. Also, be sure to interact and engage with the hashtags you’re following which in return will give you a boost on their feed.

Join FB groups

Very early in the game, I was invited to join a few facebook groups and it has been great ever since. Facebook groups are a great way to get answers to questions you might have, and are great for your Instagram engagement as well. Many facebook groups have daily threads (like, follow, and blog) that you can participate in and get your Instagram numbers up.

I’ve mentioned these before, but here are the ones relevant to the post. They’re closed groups, so you will need to request access and be approved.

Aside from all of the tips and tricks listed, don’t stop engaging with your followers and other Instagram accounts. Don’t think that you just need to follow a couple of hashtags and you will get tons of followers. No. It’s important to be consistent with your posts and engage with accounts throughout the day.