Why I QUIT My Job

Why do any of us quit, really? Is it because we’re not satisfied with the way things are progressing, or is it because management is just that – a word?

I quit my job yesterday. And the sad part is, I liked my job. And you are probably wondering why I quit. I quit because there was no understanding, trust, or honesty between management and employees. If I have concerns that I would like to address, and issues that are arising due to an overload of responsibilities, I expect to be heard. Isn’t that why there is an open door policy?

I quit because…

  1. My concerns were never addressed.
  2. More and more was added to my workload without anyone ever asking whether I can actually take on more responsibilities.
  3. No organizational structure.
  4. No employee autonomy.

If the job I am doing depends on the approval of management, then management needs to be ready and available. If I am told that something is urgent and needs to be done as soon as possible, and the completion of the task is contingent on management’s approval then guess what? Management has to be available for that approval. But management rarely was.

So in retrospect I didn’t just quit my job; I quit my boss 💼

Because working for a company where management has an “us versus them” mentality is stressful and difficult. It’s stressful because everything is never good enough, and employees are always questioned and monitored. And difficult because there is no trust. If an employee in a different department is fired but my job requires constant communication with that person, I have the right to know of his/her termination. If the company hasn’t paid a vendor that I deal with on regular basis, I have the right to know in order to be able to control the conversation.

Honesty, trust, and understanding were my requirements. Unfortunately, my requirements were not met. Having all of these things offered to me, and being asked what I want in order to stay was a month too late. I had already made up my mind.